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3 Uses in the Home for Natural Stone

Inside of the home, you probably try to keep all of the newest and most advanced creature comforts on hand. People often purchase new televisions and even invest in upgraded wiring systems so that their homes remain high comfort standards. At the same time, plenty of natural elements only found in nature also appear in the stateliest of interior home designs. From reclaimed brick facades to exposed wood beams and pillars, you can find a lot of uses for natural stone and other materials inside of the home. Here are three great uses for natural stone inside your home.

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1. For Timeless Countertops

Kitchen countertops can be long and straight, short and angular, or even take on shapes that are quite architecturally ambitious. However, countertops are a very expensive residential kitchen feature. Most homeowners will only replace their countertops when they have no choice, or as part of a planned kitchen renovation. With Wisconsin natural stone countertops, you can stain your kitchen cabinets any color you want. Choose a vibrant backsplash against the tone and pattern of your natural stone, or coordinate it with your kitchen flooring.

2. To Decorate a Beautiful Fireplace

An existing fireplace that merely needs to be serviced and have its mantle upgraded is an excellent bonus for any homeowner. Fireplaces can be used as an alternative heating source in the colder months that is efficient and also provides group entertainment. Affix a natural stone mantle on your fireplace and the room it is in will immediately take on a new aura. Visitors will see how beautiful your fireplace is and want to spend lots of their time admiring it. This is the perfect place to use natural stone in your home.

3. As Part of a Dramatic Bathroom Shower Upgrade

If you want to make dramatic changes to your home, turn your immediate attention to your bathroom. An outdated tub can really take away from the appeal of your bathroom. Likewise, old tiles and stark white walls will make a bathroom look drab and boring. Use natural stone in any part of the bathrooms in your home, or even all over. You can use the stones to create a free-standing shower, giving you a lot more room. The stone can then be used on the walls as well as the floor as this material is durable and does not change upon getting wet.

A lot of residential homes keep all naturally occurring materials hidden within their interior. For example, a home made with bricks will have so much sheetrock, paint, and plaster on the interior that you can’t tell what it’s made from on the inside. This may be done for practical reasons like insulation, but the reality is that people generally feel more comfortable when their homes are structured a certain way. On the other hand, using high-quality materials like marble, natural stone, cherrywood, and even granite, can not only make your home interior look better, but also feel more luxurious. Choose a material such as natural stone to highlight your favorite parts of your home and all your renovations will really hit the mark.