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Jan-Pro – The Most Profitable Of Cleaning Business Opportunities

There are many benefits to owning a cleaning business, including low startup costs and a guaranteed customer base. In addition, several franchise opportunities provide support and guidance to new entrepreneurs.

JAN-PRO is a leading commercial cleaning company that offers janitorial services to small businesses. Its backpack vacuums meet quality filtration standards, and its cleaners use color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths to prevent cross-contamination.


JAN-PRO is an excellent franchise for those looking to start a business in the cleaning and maintenance industry. It offers various services, including cleaning and disinfecting buildings and offices, waste removal, and other janitorial services. In addition, it provides a variety of support systems and procedures to help its franchisees succeed.

Franchisees enjoy a flexible schedule and the freedom to grow their businesses as large as they want. They also enjoy positively impacting their community and earning a solid income. JAN-PRO also provides a comprehensive training and development program and a sales team that helps them find guaranteed clients.

JAN-PRO franchises offer various industry services, including offices, schools, and hospitals. Their services include sanitizing and disinfecting restrooms, cleaning floors and carpets, and improving indoor air quality. They also provide specialized services for daycare centers and preschools, which require a high level of sanitization.

Low startup costs

JAN-PRO offers a low-cost, proven business model that is easy to operate. This makes it an excellent choice for new entrepreneurs looking to enter the janitorial and disinfection industries. Additionally, the company provides training and support to help you grow your business. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a worker shortage in many sectors, including St Louis commercial cleaning services. This means there is an excellent opportunity for new franchisees to capitalize on this shift in demand and increase their earning potential.

As a regional developer, you will re-purpose your management and sales experience by developing and supporting a local team of single-unit franchise owners who deliver exceptional JAN-PRO cleaning services to customers in your territory. You can also benefit from the financial security of owning a nationally recognized brand in a recession-resistant industry.

JAN-PRO’s low startup costs allow you to start with a smaller investment and build your business slowly. They provide a startup package that includes initial equipment, initial cleaning accounts, and education on JAN-PRO standards. This helps you get the startup funds you need to run your cleaning and disinfection business.


JAN-PRO Cleaning and Disinfecting offers a franchise opportunity that allows you to invest at your own pace and build a fulfilling career. It also provides you with the customer accounts, certifications, and support systems needed to succeed. It even offers a complete business model that is easy to understand and use, regardless of whether you have any prior cleaning or business experience.

This company specializes in St Louis commercial cleaning services and is the number one business cleaning franchise in the United States. Its cleaning products are safe for the environment and people and use disinfection methods that reduce germs. It is also eco-friendly, and its staff is trained in customer service and quality control.

Unlike independent franchises, JAN-PRO has a national presence and a well-established reputation. This makes it easier to find clients and establish a long-term relationship with them. In addition, JAN-PRO has a proven business model and offers its franchisees training, support, and marketing assistance.


The JAN-PRO Cleaning Franchise provides step-by-step guidance through training workshops and seminars. This training helps franchise owners succeed in the janitorial industry. They also offer specialized St Louis commercial cleaning services to meet customers’ needs. This includes sanitizing extensive facilities such as stadiums, schools, and hospitals. JAN-PRO also provides various other services, including window washing and duct cleaning.

While some maintenance businesses need help building a loyal clientele, JAN-PRO is an established brand with a solid reputation. It also has low startup costs and offers a variety of support opportunities for its franchisees.

For example, it offers 24-month interest-free financing for veterans and other qualified applicants. The company’s franchise fees are also tax-deductible, making it an excellent option for investors looking to start their own business. It also provides extensive marketing and operational support to its franchisees. Moreover, it has an impressive track record of success and is committed to growing its franchise network.