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How Do Hospitals Keep Their Air Clean?

Hospitals are large buildings, filled with hundreds of people, including patients, employees and visitors. With so many people breathing the same air, it is important to make sure that it is clean and that nothing is being passed between healthy people and sick people. Hospitals invest a lot into HVAC systems that clean and circulate the air. Here are a few ways they do it.


Most building air circulation systems pump air from room to room. The air in the buildings stays the same with very little outside influence, except occasional open exterior doors. As you can probably imagine, circulating air that has already been breathed in is not the best way to keep it clean. Instead, hospitals will dilute the air with outside air. Dilution brings in uncontaminated air from the outside and releases used air from the hospital out in small amounts. This keeps the hospital air fresh and clean.


When the hospital air moves through the heating and air conditioning systems, it goes through industrial bag filters VA. Filters trap and keep larger impurities floating around and prevent them from moving to other areas of the hospital. Trapping pathogens before they have a chance to spread throughout the space is an important step in keeping patients and staff safe.


Pressurization in hospitals refers to the difference in air pressure between spaces, such as rooms and hallways. Air flows from the room with higher pressure into the one with lower pressure. Hospitals keep patient rooms at a lower pressure than hallways to prevent any pathogens from the room to escape into the hallway and potentially into other patient rooms.


One way hospitals have been disinfecting the air is by using UV lights. They can use the UV lights in a variety of ways, such as using portable lights in hospital rooms after a patient has left to disinfect it or by placing a unit in the HVAC system to get anything that could be in the air before it blows into a patient room. Studies have shown that depending on the amount of time UV lights are set for, they are able to rid the air of some of the most persistent viruses and bacteria.

Cleaning the air is not the only way that hospitals are keeping the people inside safe, but done correctly it can catch a lot of the pathogens in the air. Many illnesses are spread through aerosols, so it is important to stop them quickly before there is an outbreak. Used in combination with other cleaning methods, cleaning the air will help prevent a lot of infections.

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