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Signs You Need to Resurface Your Pool Deck

Investing in a backyard pool is a great way to enjoy endless summer fun. Modern swimming pools are available in many shapes and sizes and can boost your property value. Adding a deck to your pool just enhances the look and value of this amenity.

The deck around your pool provides swimmers somewhere to get in and out of the water and gives you somewhere to lounge and relax. When properly installed and maintained, concrete pool decks can last for decades.

However, as time passes, the concrete surface can experience and show signs of wear and tear. If this happens, it is time to consider pool deck resurfacing Boca Raton. Keep reading to learn some of the top signs you should invest in this service.

Signs of Wear and Tear

The most obvious sign you need to resurface your pool deck is if you can see signs of wear and tear on the surface. This includes things like chips and cracks, which can make your deck appear unsightly. It can also impact the safety of your pool area.

Damages like these can cause trip hazards and may lead to serious injury. If you have the pool deck resurfaced, you can eliminate this type of wear and tear and have a safer, more beautiful pool deck.

Slippery Surface

Have you noticed that your pool deck is always slippery? If so, it is another sign you need to resurface. If the skid-resistant additives or texture have been worn down through the years, you will have to deal with a slippery, smooth surface that can be unsafe to walk on.

If you notice people are sliding or slipping on the surface when they try to walk across the deck, you should call the professionals to have it resurfaced sooner rather than later. Your deck can have new skid-resistant additives or texture added to it, which will provide better traction and more support for the deck.

Hot Surfaces

As the years’ pass, the finish for your pool deck may start to fade. If this occurs, it means the protective layer that helps to keep your concrete from absorbing too much sunlight will fade, too. This means that it will continue getting hotter and may be unbearable to walk across in the summer. This is another sign you should invest in resurfacing.

If you need to have your pool deck resurfaced, be sure to keep the tips and information mentioned above in mind. These tips will help ensure you get the desired results and restore your pool deck to like-new condition.