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Cooking Tricks: How to Keep Food Mini Hot Plate For Longer

There are some dishes, especially at this time of year, that when served, quickly get cold and it is difficult to keep them warm. If this situation is familiar to you, don’t worry, because today we are going to learn some simple cooking tricks that will help you keep dishes warm for longer, always preserving all their properties and appearance. Because there are certain dishes such as sauces, appetizers, stews or soups that cannot be taken cold.

Before starting to explain the different ways we have to preserve this type of food at its temperature, it is important that you always take into account the order of preparation of some types of dishes so that this happens to you less and less.

In the case of dishes that are baked or grilled with a hot sauce, it is essential that we leave them prepared without covering them with the sauce they carry on top, in order to keep this type of food at the correct temperature and with all its properties.Before we put on them a hot sauce that in a few minutes stays cold.

In the case of salads, although they are not served mini hot plate, it is essential that the time of dressing them is the last thing we do before serving them, since this way all their ingredients will be fresher and more palatable.

In the preparation of meat and fish, in all types of preparation (fried, baked, stewed or grilled), it is essential that we always reach the necessary temperature for cooking and that in this way all possible bacteria disappear.

What options do we have to keep our food warm for longer?

Serve on mini hot plate: This is a lifelong option. Keep ceramic, earthenware, or metal dishes in a warm oven until dinner is served. If you’re not going to turn on the oven, you can also heat them for 50 seconds in the microwave.

Keeping food in the oven at a warm temperature: It is another simple alternative, but I don’t like it too much because sometimes the dish ends up overcooking. Take this option when it is a dish that does not overcook. Keep the oven at about 90 degrees so it stays warm.

Bain Marie: This is one of the most used options, especially in hotels and restaurants. Put a large and deep rectangular-size container filled with very hot water and place a smaller source on it with all the food that we want to keep warm. You will keep the heat much better, if you also cover the surface with a little aluminum foil.

Slow cookers: These types of containers will help you keep a sauce or stew warm. They are graduated at a medium temperature so that the ingredients are preserved in their perfect condition.

Mini hot plate warmer: it is a dish that is placed in the microwave at 750W for about 3 minutes, so that after this time, the center of the hot plate is totally hot with a temperature that will keep your food perfectly for about an hour. They are usually made of stainless steel, and currently we can also buy them totally electric that are heated by plugging into the light for about 5 minutes without having to heat them in the microwave.