How Modern Design Is Changing the Bathroom Sink

How Modern Design Is Changing the Bathroom Sink

It used to be that bathroom sinks were completely nondescript. It was impossible to distinguish one sink from the next because there was nothing remarkable about them. A typical bathroom sink was little more than a piece of porcelain or fiberglass set inside a wooden vanity. That was it. How times have changed.

With interior design more popular than it has ever been, bathrooms have become showpieces. It doesn’t hurt that real estate agents lay claim to kitchens and baths as the most important rooms in the American home. Apparently, buyers want to see modern details in both when they go house hunting.

That leads us to the question of the modern bathroom sink. What does it look like? How does it function? Are some bathroom sinks so elaborate they could be works of art? Absolutely, according to the good folks at Master Craftsman in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  More Than a Basin

Modern Craftsman artisans are experts in wood, metal, and concrete. They can do things with their chosen materials that others can only dream of. To hear them describe the bathroom sink, it is more than just a basin. It is a pathway to Zen.

Of course, bathroom sinks come in all shapes and sizes. You have your single sink installed in a comparatively small vanity cabinet. Then you have your double sink, a side-by-side unit for his and her simultaneous use. Not that he and she will ever share the bathroom, but the possibility is there for a couple interested in treading that ground.

  Modern Design Concepts

We can talk about modern bathroom sinks all day long without ever addressing what they actually look like. Let’s not do that. Instead, let us discuss some of the more popular modern design concepts. We have chosen four just to get the conversation rolling.

1. Ramp Sink

The ramp sink is an interesting design with a name that explains exactly what it looks like. Think of a miniature wheelchair ramp built into your vanity. The low end is closest to the wall, facilitating flow from the top of the sink into the drain below.

2. Excavated Sink

This next category is hard to define. Excavated sinks do not necessarily have a particular shape or definition. They are so named because they look like excavated mines. In other words, they look like a hole in the ground. Excavated sinks can be circular, oblong, or completely asymmetrical.

3. Vessel Sinks

A vessel sink is one that looks like bowl or tub sitting on top of the counter. They are all the rage in modern design. No doubt they look sleek and sexy. However, they are prone to leaking and cleaning can be difficult where the vessel meets the vanity top.

4. Shallow Basin Sinks

Take the typical basin sink – think a ‘traditional’ bathroom sink here – and make it half as deep. You end up with a shallow basin sink. Shallow basin sinks look modern in every respect. They are the perfect complement to an ultra-modern bathroom featuring straight lines and simple shapes. But be careful of splashing.

5. Pedestal Sinks

Though pedestal sinks are hardly new, they are extremely popular right now. They offer a modern look in smaller bathrooms where there isn’t enough space to do anything more.

Bathroom sinks have come a long way over the last 20 years. Today, people want their bathrooms to be showpieces every bit as impressive as the kitchen. Firms like Master Craftsman take the most common of materials and use them to create sinks that are almost too fantastic to use.