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how often does a roof need to be replaced

Early detection of spot damage

A roof can be repaired up to a point. You will need to schedule a complete replacement of your roof. Learn how to spot signs of wear and tear on your roof.

Red flags are obvious upon closer examination

Many homeowners will not be able get a close inspection of their roof. These are the subtle signs that you should look out for if you have the opportunity to inspect your roof.


As shingles reach the end of their useful life, they begin to shed large quantities of granules. You should notice a lot of asphalt particles or granules around your home’s perimeter. This is a sign that your shingles have reached the end of their useful lifecycle.


Your shingles may appear to be blistering due to moisture buildup. The blistering can occur due to excessive sun exposure, improper ventilation, natural aging, or natural cracking. This will eventually lead to cracking, holes, and water seeping into your roof flashing, and ultimately your home. It is best to call a professional to prevent further damage.


Florida’s humidity and rain can cause shingles to rot or grow algae. These can turn shingles dark red or green. While asphalt shingles and wood shingles are more susceptible, asphalt shingles can also rot. Even though it may seem like a minor problem, rot and algae can spread quickly if they aren’t addressed. To find out if your roof is damaged, it is important to have an expert inspect it. The professional will tell you if your roof is in need of repair or replacement.

Consider lifespan first

To determine the age of your roof, take a look at all your records. You will need to schedule an inspection even if your roof is past its prime but still shows no signs of damage. This inspection will allow you to make the necessary repairs or replaces in order to protect your home.

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