The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Replacement Patio Doors

The Ultimate Guide to Shopping for Replacement Patio Doors

patio door isn’t just a passage to your backyard; it’s an installation that amps up the aesthetic of your home while providing added functionality. It’s a great way of letting in light without too much

air or any unwanted guests making their way inside the area. If you’re planning to have new patio doors installed, here’s how you can go about it:

The Shopping Procedure

Now that you’ve considered the idea of going with a replacement for your patio door, the real ideation process begins. A patio door isn’t like your ordinary door. There are various aspects to it that will require your time and attention before you set on a final design. Various combinations of materials, designs, and purposes are available to choose from.

In fact, it can even become a bit overwhelming at times, considering how many options you can go for. Beyond just the combination of materials, there are different door styles, each offering a unique aesthetic appeal. There’s something out there for everyone.

So, let’s simplify things to help you get the best option suited to your home—one that doesn’t compromise on aesthetic or functionality.

Types of Patio Doors

Patio doors are ideal for adding a bit more pizzazz to the architectural design of your home. Expect visitors to compliment it when they head to the backyard for the first time. And the best part is that you can choose from different styles to match your preference. Here are some of the most common and renowned styles:

Sliding Patio Door

Whether you’ve got ample space near the area leading to your backyard or not, a sliding door will fit right in. Instead of swinging wide open, sliding doors move along the frame. They take up minimal space, so you can set up your furniture and other items in the area without worrying about the door smacking anything down. They are relatively easy to maintain as well because of their compact size and minimalist design.

Bifold/Accordion Doors

Bifold doors are often referred to as accordion doors, as their opening and closing mechanism resembles the musical instrument. Accordion doors are similar to sliding doors, but they require a bit more space as the closing mechanism causes the hinges to bend and take up more space. High-quality accordion doors fold back seamlessly, almost like a vanishing act that will excite some of your guests when they witness it for the first time.

French Doors

When you talk about glass doors, the most likely image to pop up in a person’s head is that of French doors. French doors are some of the most popular style of patio doors and a staple of the average backyard design architecture. They come in a variety of types, ranging from double doors where both move to the sides to a single door in the frame.

French doors come in different designs, including ones with curved arches and with varied base material to glass ratios, providing a lot of flexibility for your choice.

The Materials to Choose From

When you’ve made up your mind on what kind of design you want for your next patio door, the next thing is to go with the material encompassing the door frame. You can go with wood, vinyl, or iron.

Wooden Patio Doors

Wooden doors are some of the most commonly sought-after options. You can go with different types of wood and variable finishes for a truly endless set of combinations. However, while they may contribute heavily to the aesthetic with their rustic texture, wooden doors aren’t flawless.

Wood is generally lighter than other materials, and physical abrasion can take place rather quickly if you’re not careful. Water also degrades the quality of wood over time, so be careful when going with wooden doors if it rains a lot in your region.

Vinyl Patio Doors

Vinyl doors are preferred by many for how lightweight and easy to maintain they can be. For people with limited dexterity, they’re a great option to maneuver as they walk back and forth. On the contrary, vinyl is also weaker and can be a security concern because of its fragility.

Iron Patio Doors

Iron doors are the complete package—they have a unique set of features that make them ideal for patio doors. Iron is extremely sturdy and resilient, so if you’re looking for something that’s long-lasting, look no further. The additional level of security they provide is unparalleled among patio door options. Wrought Iron is resistant to water damage, can cover up dents and scratches very easily, and maintenance is a breeze compared to any of the alternatives available on the market.

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