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5 Good Reasons to Choose Roller Garage Doors

We all know about the harsh climate we have in the UK, which can easily damage the exterior of your home, and if your garage doors have seen better days, roller garage doors offer a stylish and functional alternative to the up and over design. Here are a few of the benefits you will enjoy when you install a set of custom-made roller garage doors.

  1. Minimal Space Requirement – This is a huge plus if you have a small garage with limited space at the front, and roller garage doors come in aluminium, steel or even timber. The doors roll into a covered box on the inside top section, requiring no space to open, so you can park a vehicle right up to the doors and still gain access with a touch of a button.
  2. Great Durability – Roller garage doors comprise of many individual slats that are all linked to each other, and with steel frames and tracking, the doors are virtually impenetrable. Tested to a great extent, you can be sure that no one will gain entry through the garage. Auto locking ensures that you never accidentally leave the doors unlocked, and the smooth tracking ensures trouble-free operation.
  3. Range of Styles – You can choose from aluminium, steel or timber slats, all of which look stunning, and with your choice of colour, your home will be transformed. The side hinged double doors offer a degree of elegance, and with a ground track to provide essential support, the doors open quietly and smoothly, thanks to the electric motor.
  4. Security – A seasoned housebreaker would take one look at a set of roller garage doors and walk away, as they know it is almost impossible to break into such a system. The frames are solid and made from the highest grade materials, so you would have a long warranty.
  5. Insulation – The doors would be hollowed to take a thermal insulation composite that keeps your heat from escaping, which is great when you’re working on the car, and that allows you to use the empty garage in the winter, for those times when you need extra space.

If you would like to learn more about roller garage doors, search with Google and you can view stunning examples from a local supplier and they would be happy to quote you for your preferred design. Roller garage doors will certainly transform the front of your property and with the driveway resurfaced and the hedges trimmed, your home will be the talk of the neighbourhood.