How to Find the Best Planning Consultants

How to Find the Best Planning Consultants

Planning strategically may be a beneficial method for directing your company or charity organisation toward new goals and efficiently preparing your staff for change. However, to be successful in this endeavour, you will need to select an appropriate strategic planning expert. When selecting your next consultant for strategic planning, the following are some crucial characteristics.


A strategic planning consultant’s primary goal is to steer your company through a successful process. As a result, your consultant has to be an effective facilitator. You may not know how complicated and important facilitation is to your planning process. Rapid personality and comfort level identification within your team allows an excellent facilitator to modify the discussion flow and guarantee that all viewpoints are heard. However, the facilitator must also know when to take a back seat and let the group members handle issues independently.

The leadership abilities of planning consultants in Shrewsbury are also crucial, but they must be calibrated to avoid appearing as imposing or overbearing. A well-prepared facilitator will be able to adapt questions and conversations with each stakeholder outside of meetings to bring out the best in that individual while also boosting their belief in the importance and worth of the process. In other words, facilitation fuels your team’s change-related motivation to carry out a successful plan.


Your consultant must have solid expertise working in your particular sector. They must be fluent in the terminology and jargon that your company uses. They must be knowledgeable about your industry and the greatest marketing tactics.

Your consultant must be well-versed in your industry’s rivals and the economic and global developments that impact your company and the markets you serve. A strategic planning expert with substantial experience in your industry and a track record of helping companies like yours achieve success is perfect.

While your consultant must have expertise in your area, it’s also vital that they have experience in other ones. As consultants, they must be aware of the many effective tactics in various sectors, including ones that are not your own. They will be able to combine tried-and-true ideas from one industry with another, thanks to their knowledge.

These original concepts might enliven your planning process. Additionally, while your consultant should be able to communicate with you in your language, you cannot afford to choose someone who will only reiterate what you already know. An industry-experienced strategic planning consultant exhibits adaptability and curiosity, two qualities necessary for your success.